The Online Favorites and
Bookmark manager

Need instant access to your favorite bookmarks? from any browser? With our unique dynamic bookmark toolbars you will have your favorite sites always at hand.

LinkaGoGo provides instant access to your bookmarks, by:

  • Storing your Bookmarks (also known as Favorites, Anchors, Links or Hotlists) online. Sample screenshots of the powerful features.
  • Dynamically adapting the presentation of your bookmarks based on your bookmark usage.
  • Providing additional presentation customization ranging from text-based, fast-loading lists of bookmarks to a feature-rich colorful online Favorites Portal.
  • Introducing turbo mode which guarantees fast web page loading.
  • Reminding you of bookmarks that need to be visited again.

Why store my favorites online?

  • Your bookmarks are available on any computer with access to the Internet, protected by a password. So you can access them from everywhere, not only from home, but also from work, when you are visiting friends, when you are traveling etc.
  • You can access your bookmarks with any browser on any type of computer. So you are not tied into one particular browser. No more conversions of one bookmark file into another or trying to keep bookmark files between browsers in sync.
  • They are stored in a secure environment and your bookmarks are protected by a password. Browser bookmark files tend to be unprotected files on a computer and can very easily be opened without even starting the browser.
  • As your bookmarks are online you can make the bookmarks available to family, friends, co-students etc.
  • You are not limited by the features provided by the browser, but have a lot of online bookmark managers to choose from.
Access your online bookmarks from any browser on the internet

What are typical Online Favorites manager features?

Typical feature you will find in an Online Favorites manager are:
  • Store your bookmarks.
  • Organize bookmarks into folders.
  • Annotate your bookmarks.
  • Provide different ways to present your bookmarks like: a directory, folder based organization, etc.
  • Provides an 'add bookmark' feature to quickly add a new website.
  • Allows you to search them.
  • Import the bookmarks from your browser.
  • Export the bookmarks to your browser.
  • Make it possible to share bookmarks on the Internet.
  • Email your bookmarks.
  • Manage your bookmarks, like edit, delete, move to other folders, etc.
  • Verify your bookmarks to see if they still have valid links.
  • Find duplicate bookmarks in your collection.
  • Provides ways to customize the look of the web application.

What Online Favorites management features does linkaGoGo provide?

  • linkaGoGo provides numerous ways to look at your bookmarks. It allows you to view them as directory based, folder based or ordered by one of the many bookmark properties; title, last visited, most visited etc.
  • LinkaGoGo provides its unique customizable toolbars that allows you to create your own linkaGoGo homepage with your most used bookmarks. Examples of these toolbars are: your most visited bookmarks, your last visited bookmarks, your last added bookmarks. These are examples of dynamic toolbars. LinkaGoGo also provides static toolbars, they can contain bookmarks that are marked as favorite or the contents of any folder.
  • You can create a linkaGoGo homepage on every browser for every situation, for example a homepage containing all your important work-related (intranet) bookmarks at work and your personal bookmarks at home.
  • linkaGoGo allows you to store your bookmarks into folders. You can organize folders in other folders. Folders can be made public so you can share them, also with none linkaGoGo members and access the folder with your own personal url.
  • You can comment on your bookmarks and annotate your folders.
  • Associate pictures to your bookmarks, like a website or company logo.
  • Provides an 'add to linkaGoGo' shortcut to quickly add a new website with just one mouse click. It even allows you to specify the folder where you want to keep it and if that folder does not exist allows your to create the folder on the spot.
  • Besides the search facility that searches your bookmarks on the title and url, it also searches on keywords which you can assign to a bookmark.
  • LinkaGoGo supports both import and export of bookmarks for the browsers: Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, MSN Explorer, AOL PFC's (import only), Lynx, and also supports the XBEL format which is used by some Linux browsers (like the Konqueror web browser). Let us know if you would like import/export support for another bookmark format.
  • LinkaGoGo also allows bookmark file conversion. You can convert bookmark files from Netscape/IE to Opera, XBEL, MSN Explorer, AOL PFC's (Personal filing cabinets) and Lynx and vice versa. Note AOL PFCs can only be used to convert from.
  • You can email bookmarks from any function: the contents of a toolbar, a search result, the contents of a folder, etc.
  • The site-see feature allows you to quickly browse through a set of bookmarks. You can use this feature to present a set of webpages, quickly go through your daily website-tour routine or quickly browse through the results of a search.
  • Create your own bookmarks and favorites portal with images and websites based on your favorite bookmarks.
  • Verify whether your bookmarks are still valid and instantly remove and/or move these invalid bookmarks.
  • With Duplicate Finder show all your duplicate favorites on one screen and instantly remove the ones you don't need anymore.
  • Choose your favorite colorscheme out of more then a dozen different color schemes.
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly reminders on your bookmarks so you can check back at them on a regular basis.

Sample portal Homepage

Here a sample showing the customizable portal homepage with the dynamic vertical and horizontal toolbars and your favorite bookmarks presented through clickable images and interactive embedded websites.

Screenshot of a sample online bookmarks and favorites portal homepage

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