Facts and myths about drones regulations – can you fly one?

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are among the most highly talked about devices right now. They’re known by many names, most commonly drones. There’s still a significant learning curve that still has to be overcome by the general public while most folks know about UAVs. There are specific rules and regulations for operating UAV. Nevertheless, lots of people are unaware of these guidelines and are so misinformed. Therefore, several common myths have emerged regarding UAVs and their utilization.


Myth # 1: The handle of airspace below 400 feet isn’t in the palms of the FAA


Fact: All the airspace is controlled by the FAA. The FAA controls any area above the ground, and this is to keep US airspace secure. This fantasy might have already been originated as a result of the rule that all manned plane must never come down below 500 feet.


Myth #2: It is ok to operate UAS flights commercially on a personal property if you are following plane design guidelines


Fact: In 2007, there was published a notice in PDF format that can be utilized as clarification on this matter. The rule says that any unmanned aerial vehicle can fly for commercial intentions. You must apply for a permit for this, and that too is accessible for particular events only. With this, your aircraft must be qualified; the pilot must be licensed and you should obtain the needed operation acceptance (Part 333 Exemption). This is significant so that liability can be determined just in case of a collision.


There is certainly just one such vehicle that’s been capable of satisfying all the standards, and that too was restricted to a location that’s practically devoid of human inhabitation.




Myth #3: The business operations in the US are not completely covered by law under FAA


Fact: This has no foundation as all the automobiles that are airborne need to get some proper level of clearance from the FAA. Civil users have to obtain a certification of airworthiness for the purpose of using the airspace to run any R&D, coaching, and demonstration of flight. Same is true for UAVs, which want certification before they can be utilized for business purposes.


If you control a flying a UAV for functions, it does not need any license or acceptance. But you’ll find some guidelines a hobbyist must-follow while gratifying in this avocation.


In 2012, even these ordinances were removed, producing way for more freedom regarding model aircraft are worried. It’ll be the principles of the community that will be required so the hobbyist will not cause any harm to property or a man to be followed.


Myth Number 4: it’s not a punishable offense to run commercial UAS operations 2015, after September 30th


Fact: September 30, 2015, was just a time limit by which the FAA was assumed to come up with a solution to make such strategies that would make UAV safe for flying, but the FAA hasn’t been able to come up with any plan of the kind. For the foreseeable future running a commercial UAS without the required licensing stays a punishable violation.

For more rules and regulations about the drone visit this homepage. The website of drone kopen talks about this aspect.

SEO Tip For Those who Suck At Typing

Okay. Here’s a little tutorial I thought this might save you guys time. Now if you’re anything like me you stink at typing. So what’s the solution? Are you going to go out there and buy all your articles? You know, even half decent articles on the low end are 5 to 6 bucks.  Let’s face it, that can add up after a while. let’s say you’ve got 20 sights and trying to put 4 to 5 articles on each site. Do the math. That adds up after a while. 20 sights, 5 articles per site.  That’s $500. Okay, that’s fine if you got $500. And if you’re into client SEO then really, the client is paying the bill.  So that’s great.  Obviously, for the sake of time, it’s a lot quicker to order 100 articles and pay the bill.blogging-336376_1920

When it’s all said and done it’s all about saving time.  Everybody has 24 hours in a day.  The key is to use that 24 hours  better than the next guy.  Right?  Right!  however, let’s say you’re new at this search engine optimization game.  you’re just getting started in the budget is thin.  Obviously, you’re going to have to find some ways to cut a few corners when it comes to Dollars and cents. Hey, I understand that, and so would any thinking person.  So I came up with a system.  Problem is, I’m really crappy at typing.  That being said I’ve taken it upon myself to try to improve. I decided to look up an online typing tutor. I found a couple of decent ones.  Thing is, it takes time. You’re not going to get up to 60 words a minute in the next few weeks, that’s a given.  In the meantime, I’ve got a really cool idea.

Go over to your Google apps. You know, those bunch of little squares up in the top left corner of your toolbar in a little colour group of 9 squares. Go ahead and click on those.   You are going to see a blue one called “Google Docs”.  Yeah, that’s right, Google Docs. Go ahead and click on “Google Docs new document”.  Just below where it says “Untitled document”  you will see the headings  file,  edit, view, insert, format, tools . Go ahead and click on tools .In the drop-down, you’re going to see a microphone icon. Click on the black microphone icon  and an orange microphone icon will pop up on your screen. This will engage voice typing.  You don’t need to type very well to use voice typing.  Just start talking and voice typing will type everything on your screen.

Granted,  it’s not perfect, it will make mistakes.  But it’s pretty damn good.  At the moment, it’s a whole lot better then if you type as poorly as I do. As a matter of fact, it’s getting so good that you can literally watch it make mistakes and self-correct. In fact, I just watched it fix the phrase self-correct. At first, it said cell correct and then switched.  It’s very clever.  The one shortcoming of this system is punctuation.  I try to put some of the punctuation as I go. Saves a bit of time in the end.  The system does not put capitals on the beginning words of sentences.  That’s okay,  it’s something that’s easy to fix as you go along or after the fact.  I do a bit of both.  My company Green Genie Search Engine Marketing is relatively new.  I don’t have a lot of clients.

Therefore the demands that I have for written material are relatively small.  However, we all need to save money when we’re starting out.  Even the best of us.  Another reason to write your own articles is that you never have to worry about whether they’re going to pass the Copyscape test.  You know, these online writers that we hire sometimes take shortcuts, and you’ll go to put their article through Copyscape and they don’t check out  very good.  If you write the article yourself you never really have to worry about that. Sure,  it’s faster to just order an article, but in some cases, I like to write the article myself  just so I can have more control over the content.  I happen to own a business  outside of my marketing endeavours.

I don’t have the luxury  in that particular case of trusting the writing task to an outsider.  These articles need to be articulate and extremely well-written.  The problem is, I only have one shot with that particular company of getting it right.  I can’t afford to have poorly written content  when it comes to the demands of this company.  It needs to be concise.  So I do this myself.  And it’s through this system using Google Docs and the microphone that I get the job done with a minimum of effort and a minimum of typing tutorials. Here are a couple of tips when it comes to using the Google Docs microphone system.  Number one,  try to get into a quiet environment without a lot of background noise.  Number two,  try to speak very articulately.  You really need to almost be a bit choppy in the way you enunciate your words. You will find that you experience a lot less frustration and deal with a lot fewer mistakes.  I am fortunate because I have a recording studio which has a lot of room treatment.

It provides an extremely dry sounding room in which to make these recordings and convert them into text.  It’s extremely effective. However,  everybody has to work with what they’ve got.  Try to speak close to the microphone.  This helps alleviate a lot of the room sound  which can  obscure  the quality of the articulation of each word.  This makes it easier or the system to interpret what you are saying.  After all, we don’t want this to take longer than it would if you were to Hunt and Peck type  like I have been doing for so many years.  Take it from an SEO guy who has enough on his hands trying to learn multiple new software and all kinds of other crazy devices.  We have enough on our hands without having a lack of typing skills slow us down even further.

Another tip that you will find helpful is to be aware that every once in a while the system doesn’t seem to know that you’re there.  It will just sort of shut off.  As you’re speaking you will notice that the area around the orange microphone icon kind of flashes.  When the system stops recognizing you it will just stop flashing.  At this point just click on the microphone icon on and off and re-engage it.  Then just start over  and it will work fine.  you may find that you will have to do this periodically and that’s okay.   It still saves me quite a bit of time.

I’m approaching the end of this article now and I would say that it’s probably taken me less than 10 minutes to write it.  There’s no way with my typing skills that I could have written this article and any less than a half an hour with far more frustration than I experienced doing it with this method. So that’s my tutorial.  If you like what you’ve seen and heard here today feel free to check out my website here and my YouTube channel here.  That’s Green Genie Search Engine Marketing or Green Genie SEO for short. Thanks for stopping in.

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