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Quickstart with linkaGoGo

  1. Setup your account. Show me how to do this.
  2. Drag and drop the following links: linkaGoGo and Add to LinkaGoGo, to your browser's links/personal toolbar. Internet Explorer users, use right-mouse menu 'Add to Favorites', then choose folder 'Links'). Show me how to do this.
  3. Import your favorites / bookmarks. Show me how to do this.
If this was too quick :-) please read on.

Getting started with linkaGoGo

In the next steps we will get you started by setting up an account, guide you through populating your account with favorites and bookmarks, optimize your browser settings and customize your linkaGoGo preferences. If you get lost while going through these steps clicking on Home (See bottom right or top left of the page) will always bring you back to this page.

  1. Account Setup
  2. If you haven't already created your own account, then use Account Setup to set up your own account, an account is free and allows you to store your own favorites and bookmarks. Show me how to do this.

    After you have created your account you may have noticed that in the lila toolbars some headers like Recent, Favorites appeared, and that they are marked as empty. That is because there are currently no links loaded. In the next section we will add some links and see that these toolbars are populated.

  3. Add Bookmarks and Favorites
  4. After your created your account you can add your own bookmarks and favorites. If you would like a quickstart and load the bookmarks or favorites from your browser then use the Import menu Show me how to do this.. You can also use the Add menu to manually add a new link.

    Now some of your toolbars should be populated. The toolbar 'Last Added' should contain links now, if you used the Import menu also the 'Last visited' and 'Favorites' toolbars should be updated. If you used the Add menu and marked the link as a favorite; the 'Favorites' toolbar should be updated. If the toolbars are not updated it may indicate that your browser cache settings are not optimized for linkaGoGo, in the next step we will verify these. Note the 'Most Used' toolbar will be populated after we clicked on one of the links.

  5. Create an 'Add to linkaGoGo' shortcut in your browsers toolbar
  6. In step 2 we showed how you can manually add a new link to linkaGoGo. However some manual input was required. By creating an 'Add to linkaGoGo' shortcut to your browsers toolbar, you just have to click this shortcut when a webpage is displayed in your browser's window. A pre-populated 'Add page' will appear. And you just have to click on Ok to add the web page to your linkaGoGo links.For adding this shortcut to your browser's toolbar see option 1 after selecting your browser in the Options/Setup menuShow me how to do this.

  7. Create an 'goto linkaGoGo' shortcut in your browsers toolbar
  8. Now you have your links stored in linkaGoGo and use them to surf the web, you may find your yourself quickly wanting to go to linkaGoGo for another link. By creating a shortcut in your browser toolbar to the linkaGoGo website or specify linkaGoGo as you homepage you will have your links always one click away.To add this shortcut to your browser's toolbar see option 2 and option 4 for specifying linkaGoGo as your homepage after selecting your browser in the Options/Setup menuShow me how to do this.

  9. Customize the linkaGoGo fontsize
  10. Depending on your browser settings and your screen resolution you may find the size of the font used by linkaGoGo too small or too large. See the Fontsize section in the Options menu. For Internet Explorer and Opera a font-size setting of 'x-small' and 'small' for Netscape give a good balance between readibilty and space for information. Show me how to do this.

  11. Customize the linkaGoGo toolbars
  12. For a new account linkaGoGo always sets up a number of default toolbars like the 'Most Used', 'Recent' and 'Last Added' as horizontal toolbars and 'Favorites' as a vertical toolbar. With the sections horizontal and vertical toolbars in the Options menu you can not only change what standard toolbars you would like to see, but also choose any of your bookmarks / favorites folders as a toolbar. Show me how to do this.

  13. Customize the linkaGoGo homepage
  14. Not only can you display links to websites in linkaGoGo, but you can also show the contents of websites in your linkaGoGo Homepage. You can display images or the webpages itself in linkaGoGo. See the Home page section in the Options menu on how to create your own personal bookmarks / favorites portal. See the following tutorials:
    • Change your linkaGoGo color theme. Show me how to 'Change your linkaGoGo color theme.'
    • Add images to your linkaGoGo home page. Show me how to 'Add images to your linkaGoGo home page.'
    • Add a Newsfeed to your linkaGoGo home page. Show me how to 'Add a Newsfeed to your linkaGoGo home page.'
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  • December 8th, 2012
  • linkaGoGo Plus or Premium members now have an easy way to bookmark on their IPhone, IPad or Android phone/tablet. Use the device's Mail Page / Share page feature and email the link to

    September 29th, 2012
  • Removed spam ridden directory and sites pages. Added beta pages for iPad and iPhone and replaced ads for request to upgrade to linkaGoGo Plus or Premium.

    April 30th, 2012
  • Add thumbnails for your favorite bookmarks on the Home page. See the new Thumbnails type on Options/Home Page.

    January 19th, 2007
  • Now find the most popular websites on linkaGoGo Sites and browse them using keywords, see the Sites tab

    December 21st, 2006
  • Under Options/Account you can now indicate whether you want Ads on your Public pages. The default is Yes.

    April 4th, 2006
  • Added linkaGoGo search addins for Internet Explorer 7, see the Addons page for more details.

    June 28th, 2006
  • Added a frequently asked questions (faq) page, it can be accessed from the Help menu or the Contact Us page.

    December 10, 2005
  • Renamed the Import and Export tabs (formerly known as Upload and Download).
    Also added an import for the format. You can even import directly from the website without an intermediate file.

    November 27, 2005
  • Manage your linkaGoGo bookmarks with linkaGoGo Organizer, a small but powerful bookmark manager with a Windows look and feel, launched from your browser.

    November 12
  • Now make toolbars and channels based on on your keywords(tags), See the Setup/Toolbars page, choose Keywords as the toolbar type. Type the keywords(s) in the title and you have a list of bookmarks tagged by that keyword(s). With Channels you can even make RSS feeds out of them.

    More news

  • You currently own 3813 bookmarks. Which is 76% of the total allowed bookmarks of 5000.

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